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The Rally Organisers section of the NTET has the important role of providing services and practical advice to the organisers of rallies and events.Where steam traction engines and other similar vehicles are in attendance to ensure that proper consideration has been given to the welfare of the public, to the exhibitors and to the organisers own staff and helpers.If you have not already submitted the details for you 2016 event and wish to be included on the list please contact Jo Donkin via [email protected] as soon as possible.We work with a weekly theme and the questions increase in difficulty as the week progresses. CHW took the next game to win the series 4-2 in 1917.Our rally authorisation team are hard at work compiling the 2016 National Traction Engine Trust Rally List which is distributed far and wide at the beginning of every rally season.October 2nd saw the National Traction Engine Trust stage the first ever 'Steam It Sunday' and we could not have imagined just how well it would have gone.Our thanks to everyone who took part and supported it.

It's just for fun, and it's not restricted to SABR members. emc=edit_na_20150123&nlid=60651822&_r=0# also http )A. BUD HARRELSON (16y career 7 HR, 1,533 G , AS 1970-1; GG 1971; Pete Rose, the hit king, and he had an infamous fight in the 1973 NLCS, the Rose-Bud Incident; SABR BIO quote, he wanted more playing time so he thought the Mets, coming off their 40-120 inaugural season in 1962, offered him the best shot)A.We’re also on Facebook (search for Horsehide Trivia). BUCK HERZOG (12 h 1912 WS topped by Bobby Richardson’s 13 in 1964; Joe Mc Carthy and he were known for their mutual antagonism; 490 G @ 2B, 473 G @ 3B & 459 G @ SS G in 1,471 G 1908-20; Series tied 2-2, NYG leading 5-4 bottom 7, his error tied the game and let Game 4 slip away.A full report will appear here in the next few days. We have been going daily since 1997 and now have over 2,000 “subscribers”. Gregg Gaylord, Chicago, Illinois Carmelo Martinez, Mark Parent, Garry Templeton, Pedro Borbon had done it 23‑June‑1979; He topped Dennis Eckersley in Game 2 of the 1990 WS; Speaking of ailing Stephen Strasburg in 2010, who not long thereafter needed Tommy John surgery, Dibble was fired as the Nationals color analyst)Twint: Although he was the only player Sandy Koufax struck out three times on the day of Koufax’ perfect game against the Cubs, he was one of only four players to homer off Koufax seven times in his career. MATT CARPENTER (95 BB 2014; 2013 126R/199H/552B; He tied the three at 46 2B on 04-Sep-2013 and finished with 55; 2002 USA TODAY National Prep School Championship guided by his father Rick Carpenter)A.

The interests of Engine Owners and Engine Drivers are looked after by the Engine Owners Section of which the majority of members are engine owners and engine drivers.By pooling their combined experience and skills this section is dedicated to promoting the safe ownership and operation of steam traction engines.

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