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30-Oct-2015 23:47

Superb, meanwhile, leaves the planning process to you.

Afterwards, they can see who among their friends, friends of friends and beyond also want to go to the same places and can then coordinate an outing.

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While the concept also has some overlap with something like Meetup, for example, Lu says the idea is to offer a more lightweight experience.

Meetup requires more work and involvement, he says – you have to join groups, RSVP for events, and then when you arrive, sometimes only half those who said they’d go will actually show up.

Superb, a new application from the founders of Y Combinator-backed social dining startup Grubwithus, is launching today to people to connect in the offline world.

Essentially a “Hot or Not” for local places, users swipe through a list of venue suggestions, including restaurants, bars, museums, parks, and more, registering their interest.

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You can then initiate chats in the app with one or more of the interested parties.

“Facebook and Foursquare is either ‘I’m here now’ or ‘this is what I did in the past,’ we’re all about future intent,” explains Lu about what makes Superb different from other social networks.