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Then I started to work out – I did a few more classes which got me down to about nine-and-a-half stone. When I am trying to get the kids sorted in the morning, it’s hard to have a good breakfast.His show starts at 5pm, quite early when you’ve got kids, so you’re more than ready for a glass of wine then! I mix cheap Prosecco with Aperol and put a big wedge of orange in it.It’s like I am sitting on a Malibu beach when I’m home with the kids! I’ve got a big fringe so I can cover up any wrinkles – I reckon I will grow my fringe to my chin so I won’t need to have any Botox and then no signs of ageing will be seen. Apart from throwing myself off a great big racehorse in May 2013 and breaking my collarbone, I always take time to have regular smears and check my boobs.How much do you weigh and what is the heaviest you have been?I have dropped 4lb in the last four weeks, all down to my latest obsession, my Nutribullet blender.I have an app that tracks where I’m running and what distance. I used to be into Body Attack and Body Pump classes, but now I do this new fitness class called Frame X-Train, which combines high-intensity training with suspension and weight lifting – it makes your body strong, lean and toned.

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DJ Sara Cox might have celebrated her 40th birthday two months ago, but the milestone doesn’t bother her. I don’t drink every night but I think that comes with growing up.Here, the former model and mum to Lola, 10, Isaac, six, and Renee, four, who’s married to Ben Cyzer, reveals the secret to keeping fit and healthy in her 40s. I work on a Saturday night (on her Radio 2 show The Sounds of the 80s), so I have a nice glass of red wine while I listen to Simon Mayo on a Friday night.And I think I might have to start wearing a polo-neck and elbow-length gloves to cover up lines and other sagging! I think us women need to take control of our own health.It’s not nice having a lady check-up, but everyone should do it. Doctors told me to stop running after the accident because they thought the impact would be too harsh on my body.

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I read about Chris Evans and his prostate cancer scare on Twitter, so everyone should take a few minutes to get themselves checked out. My gait now is quite wonky and I have creaky knees.

But I have just taken it up again and do about five miles once a week on Hampstead Heath.