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Because if Warren’s career were one of her songs, she’d be in the bridge right now, the section that emphasizes the contrast between the verses and choruses, and which brings us back to the huge chorus at the end. Sean went back in the booth to work on the end of the song, where he was freestyling a verse. “I just had a feeling.” But as she listened to Sean sing his freestyled verse, Warren was getting agitated.She turned to me and said, “He’s rhyming ‘much’ with ‘much.’” Sean did another take. Tell him ‘enough.’”“Just wait,” said Burrell, who has a warm British accent.And if it hadn’t been for a documentary about campus rape that needed a song, Warren wouldn’t have been nominated for an Oscar, and she also wouldn’t have been getting recognition for a kind of song — powerfully topical, culturally relevant — that she’s rarely done before.

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You may not know Diane Warren’s name, but you’ve belted out a chorus of one of her dozens of megahits at karaoke.With an unexpectedly viral Lady Gaga hit now up for an Oscar, Warren is in her fourth decade of writing definitive mainstream pop songs without ever quite feeling part of the mainstream.

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