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But even in these scenarios, data sent to and from TFS includes source code, work item data, and other information which could often benefit from additional security.Additionally, in TFS 15 new authentication scenarios exist (build/release agent service account authentication, personal access tokens) which send bearer tokens over the wire.For scenarios where none of these setting groups are appropriate, settings can be fully customized using the Edit Site Settings dialog.The Default setting group includes the same settings used in previous versions of Team Foundation Server.These settings are not, however, secure by default.In particular, by not using an HTTPS binding, communication to and from Team Foundation Server is not encrypted in transit unless other solutions like IPSec are used.The HTTPS and HTTP (with redirect) setting group provisions two bindings: The HTTP binding on port 80 is added only as a convenience for end users - a redirect is configured so that all traffic ends up using the HTTPS binding on port 443.

They are thus potentially vulnerable to malicious actors monitoring or even modifying the contents of the communication.These issues are mitigated to some extent when TFS is deployed on an intranet behind a corporate firewall, as the vast majority of TFS instances are.

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