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03-Jan-2016 23:31

Paint with Plascon Velvaglo with a paintbrush and foam roller, or use one of the Rust-Oleum colours in Protective Enamel Spray.

You will find both products at your local Builders Warehouse.

You can read 10 different blogs on how to paint kitchen cabinets and you will probably read 10 different tutorials. I lightly sanded them by hand and then painted three coats all over.

As the doors were drying, I painted the cabinet fronts of the same wall. I took the same steps with the fronts as I did with the doors.

This made it easy to take down and put back up and eliminated the step of labeling everything. I wouldn’t recommend painting cabinets with your dog because he might just do this… I was literally painting the door as he walked right over it like I wasn’t even there. Anyway, here they were after one coat: And after the 2nd coat: I did a third touch-up coat on all the cabinets as well so three coats total. The inside is very light and pretty so I didn’t feel the need to paint them white also {once again, personal preference}.

My kitchen is currently as per the pic above, which I feel is outdated. The rest of the house is painted in 'Husks of Wheat' by Plascon, which is a warm-grey / greyish-cream. Could you suggest any ideas for colour to revamp the kitchen.Have 16mm supawood cut to the size of the existing doors and finish these doors with glass panels, chicken wire or wire mesh, or solid panel doors painted in your choice of colour.For painting the cabinets, I would suggest that you: Once you find the swatch code for the colour used in your home, enter this into the Plascon Inspired Colour System to see the colour options.

You will find plenty of ideas and inspiration in our Kitchen Design section.Add moulding or trim to melamine or melawood doors and trim that will give kitchen cabinets a new look.

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