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12-Feb-2016 23:51

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These women are enjoying their freedoms and any man should be so lucky as to be even entertained by one of Tunisia's beautiful ladies.By Amy Solovay Jann emailed me with the following questions:"Hi Amy, I'm a intermediate crocheter & am self taught...& left-handed.They are warm, easily approachable, and do enjoy the company of other men.

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They are usually very curvy which is one of the reasons why they are so desired by men from all over. These women are feminine and take great care in their appearances.

They do have freedom of dress but many are completely covered and others are more western. You will never see beautiful Tunisian girls in ratty clothing or not made up. They have very traditional views with a modern form of free thinking.

Of course they do not cause scenes or draw attention to themselves; they are very fun to be around.

When it comes to what they appreciate in men, here are some examples of what all beautiful Tunisian women expect. They are intelligent, possess traditional values, and have an intact femininity that will not be taken from them.

I'm not confident enough making more involved items like that yet, because I have no one to advise me if I make mistakes. The length of your hook determines the width of the projects you can crochet -- well, that's not entirely true, because you can make panels and then seam them together.

But am very interested in learning the Tunisian crochet method. And just out of curiosity, where did this method of crochet originate? But your panels would be close to the same length as your hook.