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13-Jun-2015 15:06

We have watched countless companies start up and fail as they have underestimated what it takes to run a successful speed dating event in the UK.Original Dating has been organising quality, stylish UK speed dating events in London for the past few years and have learnt a lot about what it takes to run a successful event.Our brand of UK speed Dating stands alone from the competition in many ways.Find out more about the regions where you might find opportunities to speed date in the UK.Certain towns in the UK are known to hold speed dating events.Click here to find out more about the areas you can find our speed dating events in London.You might be looking for speed dating out of London so we've put together a helpful index of places where speed dating takes places.

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We've compiled this page to help you find speed dating and other dating events all across the UK.We're London's No.1 speed dating company because we organise speed dating in more areas in the capital than anyone else.We specialise in speed dating London so if you're looking to find a London speed dating event please click here to be directed to our forthcoming events.We're now expanding our programme of events further afield in the UK read on to find out where.

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Speed dating first started in the UK in the early 2000's and most events took place in London.After a while, we saw speed dating expand to other regions across the country so please find these pages a useful guide to where speed dating events may be taking place today.