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28-Aug-2015 00:29

Part of the licensing agreement requires that the Uof R have reasonable controls in place to ensure that only authorized people use this product.Re-distribution of the installer or other licensed Sophos files electronically or via physical media (such as recordable CDs) is not allowed.All requests for support should be initially directed to the Computing Services IT Support Centre (ITSC).If they cannot answer your SAV questions they will escalate the issue to the appropriate support staff.

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Authorized users will always be able to download the latest version of the SAV software onto the target system directly from Computing Services' highly available servers.In cases where computer systems are being disposed of, this software should be uninstalled or erased prior to the disposal of the system.Users should not attempt to contact Sophos directly.Please note that SAV is only considered to be a supported application when run on a supported operating system as documented in the officially supported software platforms list.

For those systems that do not meet the licensing requirements we suggest using Microsoft Security Essentials.It is a free download that can be found at this Microsoft link MSE.