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Take the case of Pro Salud, a Houston nonprofit first modeled on a program in El Salvador.

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Texas, with its skeletal public funding for health care and its constant influx of immigrants and ideas across the border, is one of the U. It makes more sense than paying a lot of expensive executives and ad people and physicians that won't be as effective." But technique, by necessity, varies wildly. At first, Goetz envisioned promotoras forging individual bonds with families. Pro Salud's eight promotoras now address specific Latino health concerns such as cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. The women returned as volunteer promotoras, educating neighbor families one by one. Six years ago, after visiting El Salvador, Houston physician Peggy Goetz decided health promoters might also work in Houston.

"Imagine trying to fill one of these things out if you didn't speak English," Rojas said. Because I've been through it myself." Born in Mexico, Rojas is one of Houston's growing army of promotoras -- ordinary people from hard-to-reach populations who learn health care principles from doctors or nonprofits, then plunge back into their communities to share what they have learned. For teaching infant CPR." Finally she grabbed the tool she uses most, a minutely printed, multi-page insurance form with which she helps Latino immigrants enter the state health system.