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As an early teen, Lauren became the lead singer of an oldies cover band, ‘The Prescriptions’, performing on stages throughout the Quarter.

She later attended the University of Texas in Austin, where she began her solo career as a singer/songwriter developing residencies at several music venues on the world-renowned 6th Street.

In 2011, with demand building, Lauren is opening her first kids-only songwriting studio, Sessions Songwriting and Music, in Santa Monica, where she offers a range of group and private classes in songwriting, as well as guitar, voice and piano.

Lauren lives in Hollywood with her screenwriter husband, Blake, and their son, Wyatt.

Lauren Bruns, a New Orleans girl, had the love of music instilled in her from an early age.

With a pianist/composer father, the sounds of James Booker, Billy Joel, and the Mamas and the Papas, accompanied her childhood.

In 2007, with major changes in the music industry, Lauren decided to get out of the recording world and forge a new musical path.

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Most music schools offered instrument lessons, but none gave kids the ability to express themselves through their own songs.Over the course of two years, Lauren worked with children in homes and schools to develop a curriculum that made it easy and fun to understand the fundamentals of writing a song.

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