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28-Nov-2014 06:11

Skinner, a behaviorist psychologist, claimed that "free will is but an illusion"; that is, all actions are brought on as a direct result of conditioning, be it operant or classical.

Skinner was quick to dismiss internal processes as irrelevant, claiming only observable behavior matters (this is a basic tenet of behaviorist psychology).

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Man is a tool and there are natural or some forces that impel us and we follow them submissively. Of course morality, ethics, religions are powerful determinants and they stop us from going astray.

But Skinner's ideas still carry much weight, and I'm interested in seeing what you guys have to say about this.

And still if you religiously as a conformist argue that free will exists and doing anything against a particular religious is a sacrilegious act is a drivel.

The doctors didn't know if my eyes would ever heal." -Pi I too do think on similar lines like Behaviorists. There is a driving force and man cannot make decision independently.

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Conscience or Free Will is the product of Christian Faith. But we know a recent case how some of the priesthoods like popes went astray. Of course they have the sex organs that win over them.Their free will be in jeopardy against the powerful sensuousness at work on them.