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Moreover, about two-thirds of respondents said they want an advisor who works with companies like theirs.

It's no surprise then that educational initiatives continue to develop in response to changing regulations and an enhanced focus on fiduciary duties. Tags: Advisors, American Retirement Association, DOL, ERISA, Fidelity Investments, Fiduciary Duty, Fiduciary Education, Fiduciary Rule, Financial Advisor, Investment Consultants, Mass Mutual, Plan Sponsor, Regulation, Retirement Planning, Surveys, U. Department of Labor Thanks to the many people who shared their insights about various state retirement arrangements for eligible private company employees and the need for a proverbial umbrella to address the fiduciary gap.

(Note the new name.) Several changes caught my eye.

As I wrote in "State Retirement Arrangements for Small Business Employees," there are multiple state endeavors and one would need to examine the details of each one to assess economic impact and pension governance implications. Putting aside dire long-term projections about the U. Social Security Trust Fund, absent reforms, several critics are unhappy with what they see as a fiduciary gap for anyone enrolled in the my RA program.