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Outside of class, students can participate in many extra- curricular activities including clubs, greek or- ganizations, and partime work.

The diversity of State is also apparent ^among the alumni of Mississippi State and their children. Anthropology Photo by Garland Cary The discipline of anthropology represents human diver- sity in the broadest terms.

NORMAN -- The Oklahoma women’s basketball team landed at No.

16 in the preseason Associated Press Top 25 Poll, released on Tuesday.

Cultural anthropologists have shown that humans have invented many kinship systems, reli- gions, and kinds of political organization, each of which is regarded as correct by the people who practice it. While humans may vary in lan- guage, culture, artifacts, and genetic makeup, they share the many traits that make us all human. Jodi Jacobson, who is a junior Anthropol- ogy major, is shown weighing pieces of animal bone from an archaeological site.

OU returns four starters and 12 letterwinners from last year’s squad that advanced to the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

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Biological anthro- pologists have documented the evolution of humans from small-brained creatures, who already walked upright four million years ago, to the origin of modern humans.

Lin- guists have found that there are about 3000 different languages spoken by humans and that language is a trait of all human groups.

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