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The hull is a longitudinally framed structure and has been designed to minimize steel weight.The construction involved initial production of partially outfitted steel modules which were made into sub-assemblies and then integrated into the ship.The vessels are no longer equipped with a magnetic degaussing system that allows the ship's magnetic signature to be manipulated in three dimensions to minimize vulnerability to magnetic mines The Bofors gun is mounted on the forecastle deck and the arc of fire extends forwards by ±120°.The machine guns are mounted on either side at the front of the bridge deck.The Kingston-class patrol vessels were conceived to advance the use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment and construction techniques in a ship designed to military specifications.While the Z-drive thrusters make the Kingston-class vessels extremely manoeuvrable (able to turn within their own shiplength) and the engines are quite powerful small civilian seagoing vessels.They were designed with a minesweeping role in mind and are consequently classified as mechanical minesweepers (MM); however, this role has diminished as a result of the evolving nature of mine warfare.

The Kingston class consists of 12 coastal defence vessels operated by the Royal Canadian Navy.The class is the name for the Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel Project (MCDV).These multi-role vessels were built and launched from the mid- to late-1990s and are crewed by a combination of Naval Reserve and Regular-Force personnel.Their main missions are counter narcotics, coastal surveillance, sovereignty patrol, route survey, and training.

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The decks were assembled upside down with pre-outfitting of the underside of the deck prior to installation on the ship.In contrast to many modern mine warfare vessels, which often have hulls made of non-magnetic glass-reinforced plastic or similar material, the Kingston class have conventional steel hulls.