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03-Jan-2015 06:56

Was this just another way to keep herself relevant as she continues to age? The desire to be wanted for who we are can be intoxicating, and if a girl is not surrounded by men who want her best, if she fits the pornographic body-type, she may be coaxed into doing something contrary to her true desires.

For a man not attempt such a mission is an abject failure of masculinity. Anderson and repent of my years of using her with my mind.

I would like to make amends, and I hope this writing is a small of token of this desire. Anderson co-wrote an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal with Rabbi Scmuley Boteach.

My attraction to her would grow as I would see her in Playboy, of which she would go on to grace the cover of the now non-nude magazine 15 times.

Such fantasies kept me bound for 12 years from being able to truly perceive reality.

While prompted by the ongoing saga of Anthony Weiner and his compulsive behavior, their writing was a larger commentary on the inherent destructive nature of pornography and how it is affecting all segments of the population.

To see her name attached to this editorial was nothing less than shocking. Like all women who enter the pornography industry, she did not start out as a libido-obsessed maniac (as the false narrative of pornography describe) but instead as a young girl with hopes and dreams like any of us.

I was bound in my lust, unable to see women for who they are.A woman (just like a man) is way more than any video or image can capture.A preface to this article: I remember as a teenager how both the Internet and my hormones were exploding.I spent many a nights using dial up modems lusting after the latest digital pin-up.

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She has thoughts, feeling, and gifts to offer to the world that go way beyond mere sex-appeal, even if she cannot see it herself.It is the job of every man to help every woman be aware of their God-given dignity.

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