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Find out how Lori navigates her day and how her world was turned upside down after getting a call from Oprah’s team. They asked for a deck of cards and a photo of me followed by a short phone interview. I called my parents to tell them and they couldn’t even understand what I was trying to say, then my mom couldn’t stop crying which made me start crying all over again. I’ve risked everything I have (my savings & my career in architecture) to build my idea. When did you discover what you wanted to be in life and how old were you?She put it all on the line for her dream–made a u-turn on her career and became an accidental entrepreneur after getting hit with an idea. Open eyes and check i Phone for all that’s happened while sleeping. I couldn’t believe my little idea (my reverse engineered dating site, cheekd.com) had lead to a call from Oprah. My priorities, in response, become simple- funding my business, generating revenue, marketing the idea and getting press. I thought I’d figured it all out when I was about 22 and had finished architecture school and headed straight for NYC to become the next big designer.Lori worked as an architect for 15 years in New York City before discovering her agenda.

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Read on to get a peek inside the agenda of this entrepreneur on a mission to transform online dating. Nearly 15 years later, a light bulb appeared above my head that became my next big idea—my discovery.It happened when I least expected it and now, more than ever, I know whom I always wanted to be and it’s all about doing my own thing. Admitting that doubt exists is the first step, at which point I start seeking solutions.