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Now alone in their home, Jane found solace with a widower she met online.They talked every evening about the pain of losing someone dear to them, and while their conversation comforted her, she felt conflicted about an in-person relationship — after all, she was still a married woman.The Short Version: is a comprehensive dating resource and blog for singles in their golden years.When returning to the dating scene after being divorced or widowed, mature daters may find online dating to be a challenge, and that’s why Kathy Damer started a blog to assist people in search of companionship or love.She was at a crossroads with no idea what the right thing to do would be, so she wrote in to for help.“You still have needs that are important to you,” Kathy Damer, the site’s Founder, wrote back.In her late 50s, Jane married a man she loved deeply, thinking they would spend the rest of their lives side by side, content in each other’s company.

After the fifth stroke, when he no longer recognized his own wife, he was placed in a nursing facility because she could no longer care for him by herself.

offers emotional support and expert advice to anyone seeking companionship or romance online.

On, she writes thoughtful responses to questions emailed to her about senior romance and dating websites.

Kathy’s empathetic and expert guidance helps readers better understand online dating in the 21st century.

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“You are still full of life, and you are entitled to happiness.” She encouraged Jane to follow her heart and think about what her husband would want for her.

On her blog, Kathy advises many seniors, like Jane, who write in with unique concerns and challenges — particularly in regards to online dating.