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23-Mar-2015 03:56

Christians must be vigilant not to be influenced by cunning deception to vote for anyone other than the most Pro-Life Political Candidate which is Donald Trump, who has provided a list of outstanding Conservative Pro-Life Judges.

Viacom Revenue Slumps as Ad Sales Decline in Network, Box Office Units Viacom's media network and Paramount Pictures units saw revenue slide in the fiscal fourth quarter, largely as a result of weak performance and ad sales.

9 Celebs Who Said They'd Move to Canada if Trump Won The moment of truth has come for these 18 celebrities rounded up by TMZ , all of whom said they might move to Canada should Donald Trump win the presidency.

Titled "The Gift They're Waiting For Is Waiting on e Bay," the spots mark the brand's first holiday national television ads in nearly two years.

9 Celebs Who Ran Marathons Each fall, a new crop of celebrities prepares to run the New York Marathon.

He's clearly no Saint, but his political views are the most Pro-Life of the two political Presidential Candidates.

Catholics need to be cognizant that there may be as many as five seats on the US Supreme Court to be filled by the next President of the United States.