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20-May-2016 22:00

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Women selected most often by the men tend to be those the men find most visually appealing.Among the dozen or so men who were constantly selected by the women, these were the candidates who appeared to be able to offer lots of financial security or who were exceptionally good looking.Meanwhile, the vast majority of the people in the online dating community were left out in th cold, rarely selected, and in many cases What are the qualities and characteristics that matter most to you in the person you'd love to have in your life? Too much to choose from definitely has its downside. Or at a huge restaurant buffet that offers so many food options and varieties that you feel overwhelmed, and after being inundated with so many choices, you end up unenthusiastic about eating any of it.It presents them with three hurdles: The downside of free choice dating solutions is that the online dater is flooded with hundreds (even thousands) of prospective candidates who all appear to be available.When we shop at Whole Foods, and we see that perfect head of butter lettuce, we're accustomed to being able to choose that head of lettuce, pay for it, and take it home. You may have experienced this phenomenon when trying to decide what to order at a deli that has a 15-page menu.

Not so with dating, as the object of our interest also has a choice to make, and so very often that choice is a "No thanks."I watched these phenomena in action during the years that my husband and I owned and operated two large video dating services back in the 90s.

The male prospects would all select the same 12 women as their ideal match, their "choice".

It's what economists call the Opportunity Cost — those nagging questions that we ask ourselves after having made a choice: This phenomenon has been termed The Paradox of Choice and is illustrated beautifully in Barry Schwartz's talk.

How does the Paradox of Choice impact single men and women engaged in online dating?

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And those popular, in-demand women were simultaneously approached by hundreds of men, yet only a handful of them actually had a real shot at dating her, leaving hundreds of men "choosing" with great enthusiasm someone who would never agree to meet them.That same trend is repeating itself today in online dating.

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