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15-Aug-2015 02:54

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The cousins’ studio—Kazampo—is the latest addition to that digital den of sin.

It’s housed on a Bucharest backstreet in a building that can accommodate up to 11 "models" at a time, all masturbating in the direction of a webcam for lonesome, horny Americans thousands of miles away.

Until July I shared an apartment in England with two cousins, Lorenz and Alessandro.

When I moved out at short notice, I was worried that I'd left the pair in the lurch, but as it turned out my timing couldn't have been better.

I got there at noon, which would ordinarily be lunchtime.

Webcam studios are to bedroom masturbators what brothels are to Johns.

I was feeling pretty anxious about the 21-hour train journey from Belgrade to Bucharest.I was expecting to turn up at the house and find a disgusting nest of cyberpunk depravity—beautiful tragedy-eyed boys and girls in varying degrees of undress hoovering internet drugs off each other as they jigged about to whatever Western club music is currently setting the cultural pace in Romania (Steve Aoki? But what greeted me upon arrival was disappointingly pedestrian.

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