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12-Jun-2015 10:13

It's 2009 and a fresh-off-the-boat Cantabrian has just arrived in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

Lonely on his first night in a rundown apartment block, he lies on his bed and downloads the app 'Grindr' on his i Phone. ", he worries, pondering how close the other apartments are.

These felt more like mortgage applications than dating opportunities, though - requiring you to fill in elaborate criteria and profile specifications.

Circa 2009, mobile-first geo-social applications began to pop up on the i Tunes store (and later on Android), the first of which to gain widespread recognition was Grindr - a geo-social app for gay men to meet other men within close proximity.

Kiwi Olympian Rebecca Torr tweeted about Tindering for members of the Jamaican bobsled team, while US snowboarder Jamie Anderson told US Weekly: "Tinder in the Olympic Village is next level. there are some cuties here." Read more: Love search an Olympic hit Let's retrace the progression of geo-location dating, for those unaware of how we got here.

Online dating used to be à la mode with the popularity of NZDating,, Manhunt and the like.

It sounds all fun and games, until someone gets hurt - which, inevitably has happened several times over the historical course of geo-dating. Don't make a sexual advance straight away, even if that's what you're looking for. You'll get geo-fatigued by exhausting your options if you're only logging in from home and work.

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Grindr founders later launched Blendr, targeted at straight people looking for geo-love.

On the bandwagon jumped Ok Cupid, Skout, Meet Moi and others. No Nigerian princes are out there to woo you, and your 00 won't unlock their royal fortune.

He logs on, uploads a profile photo, and scrolls through the faces - and many shirtless torsos - of dozens of guys in his vicinity. Anxious and uncomfortable, he shuts down the app and deletes it. Barely 24 years old, that was my first experience with geo-location dating.

He taps on the first: "Brent, 26, looking for friends and fun". Five years on, it's not just gay men using geo-locating apps to chat, meet, and find friends (and fun). Over the past two weeks in Sochi, the app Tinder (a mobile matchmaker targeting both men and women aged 18-35) has gained increasing popularity in the Olympic Village.

Facebook-connected Tinder, launched in late 2012, is perhaps the most prevalent geo-social dating app today - even more so now with this month's celebrity endorsement. Do be honest about what kind of love you're looking for.Geo-location mobile dating is far simpler than the online dating services that preceded it. Don't be bigoted or racist about what you're not looking for.