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Produced by Scot Armstrong, Ravi Nandeen and John Thorpe. Starring: Adam Mc Kay, Rob Corddry, Paul Scheer, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Brian Huskey, John Ross Bowie, Jamie Denbo, Jason Mantzoukas and Seth Morris. The Don The Legend John Knecht Scot Armstrong Adam Mc Kay Rob Corddry Paul Scheer Mary Lynn Rajskub Brian Huskey cock porn comedy porno sex orgasm orgasms naked girl girls sexy hot nudity small penis cock pussy naked sex tape sex video documentary pornography topless seth morris [Humming] [Music Playing] [Girl Moaning] Don Dolmes: I, uh, I feel good about today. But, I keep looking and I'm like, you seem like you're pretty hot and heavy, and he's like oh, I'm as hot, as hard as a steel rod right now, and it just looked like someone had put like, some throwing dice in his pants or something. This was the moment when I knew, Colonel Captain, somethin's gonna happen special, here. Don Dolmes: [Door Slams] Pony Express, special delivery. Announcer: Don Dolmes was the largest grossing adult film actor of the late eighties. Don Dolmes: Why do you think I was reluctant to talk to you guys, man? Don Dolmes: I think of myself as a sexual philosopher. So, uh, we just finished this 'not with my daughter, you don't' movie, and I said come on over and take a look, kid, it's pretty fun. Announcer: Written in just forty-five minutes, The Little Co%k That Could told the story of a water delivery man with a really small penis. [Laughs] It's a little joke between he and I because I, I'd write him pretty often trying to get a picture, and he sent me several, but I just wanted to get as many as I could. Announcer: Between the summer of nineteen eighty-three, and the fall of nineteen eighty-six, Dolmes made over two thousand movies. We owe our, uh, our lives, we owe our house to Don. Announcer: In just three short years, Dolmes had gone from a nobody water delivery man to an international star. You fu**ing as*hole, don't you fu**ing do that to me!

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Uh, I been running it for a long time, twenty-five years. I didn't know that it would take off and I would become this. I worked at an old age home in like a, in like a hospice care unit. I mean, I became something that, that, that, this symbol for people. Everyone who wanted to be near the heat that was Don Dolmes. Tina Tiny Vaginy: Oh, I'm pretty much known as, um, having the smallest vagina in porn. You got the smallest pu*sy in porn, you got the smallest dick in porn. If we went out to a restaurant, Don would be like [Snaps Fingers] boom! [Girl and Guy Moaning] Don Dolmes: You feel that co%k in your sweet little a*s? I'm uh, Captain Colonel, I run, uh, Straight Up Fu*k Pictures. You know, I, I became, I became something that wasn't me. Establishing himself as one of the major players in the fetish sex industry. And, you know, her and I getting together is a no-brainer. Tuna Can Co%k: I quit my job, I quit school, and I quit my family. Because when Don Dolmes started the Freak Farm, he gave me a place to go that offered me a chance at greatness.