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If you can't take care of yourself now, you probably won't later.' Since launching his blog in autumn, after 20 years of dating and checking his own date's fridges, John has been inundated with women-and men-sending pictures to him of a potential partner's chiller And John has had his fair share of dating disasters.

He said: 'In my mid 20s, I dated a doctor - she was so cute, so preppy, very normal studious looking - but the moment I got back to her place, I opened her fridge and it was so stinky, I told her it smelled terrible'.

It’s one more reason for them to stay over.') and - of course - dessert ('It doesn’t have to be fancy, and should never be perishable, just something fun to share.

Like a pint of Häagen-Dazs, or a bar of chocolate.')He said: 'Face it.

What I can say is, if you're single you're probably eating better than when you're married with two kids.

If we look at that fridge, we can tell if someone looks after themselves.

Fashion and beauty guru who combined those passions with her love of film and editing to create her extremely popular self-titled You Tube channel, which has accumulated more than 4.4 million subscribers.

The list includes: wine ('There's a reason this has worked for three thousand years.'), an hors d'ouevre ('Always have a snack on hand that doesn't spoil easily, such as hummus or edamame.'), bottled water ('Even if you’re in NY, where tap water is better than bottled, it puts your date at ease knowing they’re drinking a quality glass of H2O.'), munchies in the freezer ('Be ready to feed your date if it’s too late for delivery.

I love people that have champagne in their fridge, it's all about spontaneous celebration.' 'A fridge can tell you about finances, how much we exercise.- it could mean a couple of things, they haven't moved on so you don't have a chance, or it means they want you to look at their CV that other men want them and they'll be fine without you, it's a bad sign.Nothing says more about who we are than what we eat and what we drink.It provides the ultimate insight into our health, appearance, income, lifestyle, even the kind of romantic partner we’ll be.' John met his wife Rachel in 2010 and said her fridge told him she had serious potential.

John said since he launched his site women have been the first to contact him - and even asked what their fridge said about them. Women are more obsessed about that than men are, you only have to look at tarot parties and things like that to see that woman are more interested in how they appear or who they are than men.'I feel like there isn't a middle ground with dating experts and fills that space.

There's been the guides which are how to sleep with the most people and then the other guides are more complicated and not really related to real life.

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In July, Piper Jaffray Investment Research predicted that U. spending on online dating would reach .7 billion annually by 2013 — not hard to fathom, as the study says we spent .2 billion on the industry in 2008. " has become almost as immediate a response to a friend's announcement of a new paramour as "What does she do? " (For Baker and Jacob, the answers would be an emergency room physician's assistant from Italy and Hampton, Va., for her, a business banker/personal trainer from Newport, R. The Internet is essentially the world's largest bar, explains Mark Brooks, the editor of the industry news site Online Personals … continue reading »

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