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17-Sep-2015 14:53

"You also have to attend the sex offenders group work programme."If you are not compliant then you will be in breach of this order and brought back and I think you know that there will only be one place you will be going." Corrieri refused to comment as he left court.she is fat, tans to much and looks like an oompa loompa.put this girl on blast for being annoying as f*ckkkkkk and ask her to please keep her legs closed she is disgusting, needs to spend less time in the tanning bed and more time at the gym.

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The 4ft 2in performer from Motherwell, who can make £750 per night by being handcuffed to the groom, first messaged a pair of twins on Facebook when they were 15 and asked one to feel “his third leg'”.

Yesterday he appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court where he was ordered to perform 240 hours of unpaid work and put on the sex offenders' register for three years.