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29-Nov-2014 05:01

LBS privacy issues arise in that context, and are documented below. They have evolved from simple synchronization based service models to authenticated and complex tools for implementing virtually any location based service model or facility.

LBS is the ability to open and close specific data objects based on the use of location and/or time as (controls and triggers) or as part of complex cryptographic key or hashing systems and the data they provide access to.

LBS is critical to many businesses as well as government organizations to drive real insight from data tied to a specific location where activities take place.

The spatial patterns that location-related data and services can provide is one on its most powerful and useful aspect where location is a common denominator in all of these activities and can be leveraged to better understand patterns and relationships.

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LBS include parcel tracking and vehicle tracking services.

Location-based dating apps are now big business, with Tinder predicted to reach a billion valuation this year and Chinese dating app Momo having recently broken billion.

But what’s the foundation for these big valuations, and who is most likely to use these apps?

They are an example of telecommunication convergence.

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This concept of location based systems is not compliant with the standardized concept of real-time locating systems (RTLS) and related local services, as noted in ISO/IEC 19762-5 While networked computing devices generally do very well to inform consumers of days old data, the computing devices themselves can also be tracked, even in real-time.Location based services today are a part of everything from control systems to smart weapons.