Introvert online dating what women want online dating profiles

09-Mar-2015 15:19

2) Online dating requires you to post yourself, your information (at least some info) and your pics online, and everyone can see or read you and your story. How can you be an introvert and feel comfortable to go online?Thanks, K Dear K, Thank you for writing in, and I am so happy Introverts don’t do things like extroverts do.I have a website with big pictures of me for all to see.They’re internal people: they’re less talkative, less focused on the outside world. It requires talking to unfamiliar people, often many of them. These are activities that extroverts do naturally, but that introverts have to work at.Some activities (like public speaking) favor extroversion, while others (like being a writer) favor introversion. To address your question: Yes, K, you sound like a true introvert.Not only that, you sound like a very introverted introvert.And, yes, I can certainly see the conflict you face – that dating requires you to do what may not come that naturally to you.

I feel uncomfortable exposing myself to the public.

I prefer to be in my own corner rather than be on the scene in front of the public.