Intimidating means tagalog

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__________ issued at ___________ on ____________; all known to me to be the same persons who executed the foregoing Will, the first as testator and the last three as instrumental witnesses, and they respectively acknowledged to me that the same as their own free act and deed.To my esteemed children, ________________________ and ______________________I give and bequeath the following properties to wit:_______________________________ in equal shares; IV.To my dear brother, __________________________I give and bequeath the following properties to wit:_______________________________. To my loyal assistant, __________________________I give and bequeath the following properties to wit:_______________________________. I hereby designate ____name of executor_____ the executor and administrator of this Last Will and Testament, and in his incapacity, I name and designate _____________________ as his substitute. I hereby direct that the executor and administrator of this Last Will and Testament or his substitute need not present any bond; VIII.Cow implies bringing out an abject state of timorousness and often demoralization: a dog that was cowed by abuse.To bully is to intimidate through blustering, domineering, or threatening behavior: workers who were bullied into accepting a poor contract.may intimidate the human race into bringing order into its international affairs" (Albert Einstein).

I hereby revoke, set aside and annul any and all of my other will or testamentary dispositions that I have made, executed, signed or published preceding this Last Will and Testament.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this ________ day of _____________, 20__, in ________________, Philippines.

_______________________________________ (Signature of Testator over Printed Name) ATTESTATION CLAUSE We, the undersigned attesting witnesses, do hereby affirm that the forgoing is the last Will and Testament of ___name of testator___ and we certify that the testator executed this document while of sound mind and memory.

That the testator signed this document in our presence, at the bottom of the last page and on the left hand margin of each and every page, and we, in turn, at the testator's behest have witnessed and signed the same in every page thereof, on the left margin, in the presence of the testator and of the notary public, this _____ day of __________, 20__ at____________.

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: I, ____name of testator_____ , Filipino citizen, of legal age, single/married to ___insert name of spouse if any___, born on the ____th of ______________, ____ , a resident of __insert address__ , being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and not acting under undue influence or intimidation from anyone, do hereby declare and proclaim this instrument to be my Last Will and Testament, in English, the language which I am well conversant. I desire that should I die, it is my wish to be buried according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church and interred at our family mausoleum in Manila; II.

To my beloved wife _____name of wife_____, I give and bequeath the following property to wit:_________________________ ; III.

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