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13-Feb-2016 02:10

As a parent, I would suggest you read this and then decide whether you want to talk to your teen or preteen about these seemingly safe teen chat rooms and tell them the dangers.

Chat Yahoo chat has transformed itself into Yahoo Messenger which is a combination of instant messaging, chatrooms, games and more.

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registration required for chat, however, chat is free.

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Especially if you are still awake and looking to meet someone. Once the chat program loads, it is fast and easy to use. More Sport's Chat The Underground Hip-Hop Chat This hip-hop chat site is brought to you by Underground Hip Hop. Visit our Music Search Page State of Insanity This chatroom location is run by the 'citizens' of 'State of Insanity.' Chat tends towards fantasy and the strange... Lot's of features, numerous chatrooms (you can even create your own). More Popular Chatrooms 321 Gay Chat Pretty active gay chatroom(s) for gays ... Give the chat program a few minutes to load if you are NOT on DSL. Spin Chat One of the largest, international free chat sites.