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16-Dec-2015 19:55

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But to continue the production and consumption of nuclear energy, what is that if not an « ecocide…doing violence to all living beings, ecosystems and societies, and threatening the rights of future generations » ? One would like to be able to sign, but alas, the text is not suitable : not because of what it says, which is generally true, but because of what it doesn’t say and which immediately casts great doubt on the rest.For to say half a truth and omit the other half is not truth-telling.Failure to say a word about this is not at all insignificant.It amounts to tacit preference for one ecocide over another, denouncing the first and accepting the second. The appeal actually declares : « We know that multinationals and governments will not easily abandon the profits they draw from extracting reserves of coal, gas and oil or from globalised industrial agriculture greedy for fossil energy ».

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This appeal says rightly that we must take now the urgent measures that will – perhaps – put a stop to global warming and climate disruption in time to prevent the planet from becoming uninhabitable, and that failure will amount to « ecocide…

doing violence to all living beings, ecosystems and societies, and threatening the rights of future generations ».

According to this appeal, there are therefore three sources of fossil fuel to be banned : coal, gas and oil.

A more prudent appeal, that of the NGOs issued last June on Mediapart, expressed a wish to without citing any particular energy source, but in fact excluding nuclear energy, which is not clean or inexpensive or secure.

Is it just a semantic concern, a mere question of definition ? What do we describe as That definition is unchanged since the printed Larousse Encyclopedia (1962, vol. Coal, gas and oil do not bear the print of plants and animals, and they cannot be called « debris » either, even if they derive from plants.Obviously that’s not what makes people call them « fossil ». Simply the first sense of the word So the « fossil fuels » are called « fossil » not because they result from the decomposition of plants, but because they are produced from materials extracted from the ground – where they exist in limited quantities in the ore is then enriched (into Uranium 235), whereas crude oil is refined, makes no difference.