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29-Apr-2016 04:09

Thus one day we decided to automatically measure their Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) and make it visible.

The average lead time was around 10 days for one very simple request.

My goal here is not to cover all those patterns again, which mainly are still a work in progress, but to share a specific story about measuring flow.

In 2010-2011, I was in charge of a software development team located in Paris and Mumbai.

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We were using the Kanban method to guide our collective work and our work improvement.

We raised the point to them, our clients were very dissatisfied and at the end, our clients were also their clients.

At the beginning they were ignoring measures, just looking at odd graphs.

But one day they had turn-over in their team, and as the new joiners were being trained, and the CFD showed immediately a bottleneck.

They were not focusing on their lead time, they used a tasks management tool focusing on who is responsible for what and managing queues without limit or flow measurements.We were also not satisfied with the way we all were working and coordinating our clients.