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31-Jul-2016 05:15

First Opinion is here to help you give your children the best care and treatment (and give you peace of mind), without ER visit fees or stress.

And, for that matter, how are you supposed to know if you aren’t a doctor?

Especially with newborns, no matter if it’s your first or fifteenth, it is scary!

How do you know what is normal and what should be examined by a doctor?

How are you supposed to know when your child needs to go to the doctor?

From the countless parenting books and guides, to heaps of information online that jumps out at you in an internet search search, there is a ton of knowledge you will, or have, absorbed as an expecting or current parent. One of the most stressful things that parents go through is their child’s health and development.

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So, when something is wrong, we may jump to conclusions and diagnose ourselves using the internet.

This is one reason many ER and pediatrician visits are unnecessary, and they could have been treated at home.

When internet searches become even more confusing, parents are turning to the ER or urgent care. First Opinion aims to be a resource for parents – new or experienced – where asking a doctor is easy.

You can get the peace of mind you need for all of the little, or big, questions (see some some common questions on the right side of the page) you have. And, when you want that extra reassurance, or if treatment is needed, we have pediatric specialists available within minutes to chat, call, or send pictures. As parents, we aim to give our children the best care possible.

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It’s no secret, having children is a lot of work as a parent.