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19-Aug-2016 21:03

One day he happened to strike up a conversation with a young woman he'd known slightly.

They immediately hit it off, covering topics ranging from the inane (comic strips) to the sublime (the origin of life). Hamid feels very relieved to have successfully cleared this life hurdle.

He hopes to find someone who enjoys debating political/social issues, discovering new restaurants, and playing some sport together.

Lovegood Some Rationals seem so cold and logical that it's hard to imagine them doing something as frivolous as falling in love.

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Rationals are the most likely types to treat their partners as equal in adult status. He also felt that most girls were just plain silly, so he did not date.

By his senior year in college, he was actively looking for a mate but wasn't quite sure how to go about it.

He enjoys dating now but chooses his dates carefully with clear objectives in mind.

He's looking for a long term partner who has a career of her own.

However, they do tend to be steadfast, being among the most committed.

Their partners can expect intellectual stimulation, debating from multiple perspectives, and a lot of autonomy. He was interested in girls, but was very awkward around them.