Earthwise dating

05-Mar-2015 03:21

Over 300 dams have been proposed throughout the Amazon basin, with more than half sited in the Brazilian Amazon.

An area two times larger than California has been registered as ‘under consideration’ for mining.

Help cut down on your shoveling time with the Earthwise power shovel--it's like a power shovel and snow blower in one.

To date, implementation of these projects has been hindered by environmental restrictions.

Adoption of PEC 65 would open the door to developers, allowing megaprojects to be implemented with insufficient environmental impact assessment.

Its 12-AMP motor can handle snow up to 8" deep, throwing it over two feet away via directional discharge vanes.

The amendment, known as PEC 65, would abolish Brazil’s environmental licensing process for infrastructure projects, such as Amazon dams and mines.

Many entrepreneurs are hard at work developing technologies to help tackle this global problem.