E107 check remote servers when validating email addresses

14-Sep-2015 09:31

This isn't an issue for single value attributes such as maximum message size, but it can be a problem for multivalued attributes such as remote IP address ranges.

You can use the EMC or the Shell to configure the properties of a Receive connector.

Don't perform this procedure on an Edge Transport server that has been subscribed to the Exchange organization by using Edge Sync.

You can use the Set-Receive Connector cmdlet to modify all available settings for an existing Receive connector.

In this example, the following changes are made to the configuration of the Receive connector Connection from Contoso.com: The values that you specify by using the Set-Receive Connector cmdlet parameters replace the existing values configured on the Receive connector.

Receive connectors represent a logical gateway through which all inbound messages are received.

Receive connectors are configured on a per-server basis, and they control how that server receives messages from the Internet, e-mail clients, and other messaging servers.

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By default, the Receive connectors required for internal mail flow are automatically created when the Hub Transport server role is installed.Similarly, when you install the Edge Transport server role, the Receive connector capable of receiving mail from the Internet and from Hub Transport servers is automatically created.