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10-Dec-2015 11:21

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Both family and a new job as an investigator for the government brought her here. She says when she first started dating, she was attending a school for the disabled, so there weren’t a lot of options other than dating disabled folks.

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Look beyond the disability to see your date as a whole person with unique talents and abilities.She feels that if someone has a problem with her being disabled, “I should not be dating them.” When asked about challenges, Mulligan said her disability “is more in my head.” More often than not, she finds her disability really does not matter.Mulligan prefers to be very open about having cerebral palsy. “People are curious.” She believes in being honest and upfront and “getting it out of the way.” Having a sense of humor helps.Mulligan feels most disabled people are not offended when someone asks questions. Something that makes Mulligan laugh is the idea that if you are disabled, people may assume you know everyone else who is disabled.

Like any other dating sites, there will always be disingenuous members and scams, so use caution.

Mulligan says there are people who have told her to date exclusively within the disabled community, but she has not gone to any of the disabled personals. ” If you are disabled, perhaps the most important advice is to proceed with confidence.

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