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13-Feb-2016 21:04

Derek Hough ( /ˈhʌf/; born May 17, 1985) is an American dancer, choreographer, musician and actor. but it will go down in history as one of the greatest godawful TV movies ever!

They announced their split via Twitter prior to the start of Season 9.Derek's sister Julianne has also been a DWTS competitor and champion. It was a pretty difficult routine with a lot of footwork and it's wildly different from a Viennese waltz, which is "easier," so to speak. What was nice about it was that halfway through the dance, she started laughing. But during practices, she would make a mistake and then say, "Oh, sorry, I was celebrating the stuff before." So when we were dancing, I was thinking, "Oh, she's celebrating. I'm having flashbacks of my futuristic paso with Joanna Krupa! It's more of a rigid, grid-line, oppressed beginning and by the end, it's a more expressive, individualistic oasis.

Season 5, when he and actress Jennie Garth finished fifth.

Derek and his Season 6 partner Shannon Elizabeth after their season together, when they were photographed walking and making out on a Malibu beach, which they surely never meant for anyone to see.

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