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10-Jan-2016 22:48

And then here we have the names of these murdered people and then you’re coming and writing ‘all lives matter’ as if they’re lives don’t matter all over their names,” said Assefa.He added whoever is responsible needs to be better educated on the significance of the “Black lives matter” movement. Catherine Mc Kenney and members of the community were trying to find a permanent home for the mural.Joe Lofaro/Metro Artist Kalkidan Assefa stands next to his mural on Thursday, Sept. You’ve been warned” were written with red spray paint at the intersection of Bank and Somerset Streets.24, 2015, which was vandalized overnight with the words "All lives matter. You’ve been warned.” A mural painted as a tribute to trans women of colour, including the names of murdered trans women, was vandalized overnight with violent graffiti. Kalkidan Assefa, a local artist who has worked on other anti-racist murals in Ottawa, created the mural during the 30th anniversary of the city’s Capital Pride celebrations last month.She said she contacted Ottawa police as soon as she learned what had happened to it Wednesday morning.“It was hugely distressing when I first saw the mural.Writing all lives matter on a mural dedicated to Black people is inherently problematic because it’s an erasure, he said.“We’ve already dealt with it with the Sandra Bland (mural) where you can’t say ‘all lives matter’ while you’re literally defacing and disrespecting the face of a dead woman.

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It was a collaboration with anti-racism activist group, Black Collectiv.

“Whoever did this, they’re cowards because they’re going around in the dark at night and they’re not willing to publicly come and say whatever they feel,” said Assefa, as others worked on covering up the threatening messages.