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20-Mar-2016 09:35

It is also a misconception that the victim's bank account is requested so the culprit can plunder it -- this is not the primary reason for the account request -- merely a signal they have hooked another victim.

The most prevalent and successful cases of Advance Fee Fraud is the fund transfer scam.

Initially, the intended victim is instructed to provide company letterheads and pro forma invoicing that will be used to show completion of the contract.

One of the reasons is to use the victim's letterhead to forge letters of recommendation to other victim companies and to seek out a travel visa from the American Embassy in his country.

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The victim is told that the completed contracts will be submitted for approval to the Central Bank (or any other Commercial or Regional bank) in the country where he is located.

Upon approval, the funds will be remitted to an account supplied by the intended victim.

In this scheme, a company or individual will typically receive an unsolicited letter by mail from a "scammer" claiming to be a senior civil servant.

In the letter, the imposter will inform the recipient that he is seeking a reputable foreign company or individual into whose account he can deposit funds ranging from - million that his government overpaid on some procurement contract.

The goal of the criminal is to delude the target into thinking that he is being drawn into a very lucrative, albeit questionable, arrangement.The intended victim must be reassured and confident of the potential success of the deal.