Dating a traveling man

30-Apr-2015 12:39

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He won't understand that the plan is to travel, to really find yourself and your passions and then build a life around what brings you joy.

What he doesn't understand is that women are nesters by nature -- and that at some point you will settle down to create a flourishing home life. He'll think that it is his job to impress you when what you really want is someone who gets you -- who will go on long walks through foreign cities, get lost with you only to find yourselves closer together.

He won't understand your desire to experience the unknown.

And thus he will feel like he is irrelevant to your happiness (when you know he is essential to it). Don't date a boy who doesn't travel because he has chosen a rigid and controlled life. He doesn't take his vacation days and when he does he plans for a staycation or a trip to the same location as before.

He thinks his way of living life is the only right way to do life.

I have been traveling on and off since my late teens.

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He will think that it is his responsibility to perform.But what you really want him to do is just let go -- to turn off the rest of the world and be fantastically present in beautiful moments shared together. You'll have to beg him to travel with you -- explain to him why it makes sense to spend money on experiences rather than the latest gadgets and gizmos.

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