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"If you look to the future, one day, you are going to jump from one galaxy to another; and this is not a dream.As we went to the moon it was not a dream, we'll do this dream also. Striving - try to perfect yourself, try to shape yourself - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually - so that you judge yourself. You are going to put yourself in line with Divine intent. Let's make this planet a planet of joy, of freedom, so that everybody is free....""In eighteen million years we didn't change; we must change it, and it is given in your hand to take the flag.

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This was the inception of the Aquarian Educational Group (AEG). ' Because I was from the old country and could not understand America.At AEG's 35th anniversary celebration Agoura, California he stated: "Now, how we started this group. (That was not America, but I say ‘America.') I couldn't understand how people could drug themselves and dope themselves. I said, ‘We must form a group to bring all these children in and slowly educate them.'..." From ancient times, a body of spiritual* teaching known as "Ageless Wisdom" has been handed down from generation to generation.