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Colombia–Ireland relations are relations between Colombia and Ireland. Colombia is represented in Ireland through its embassy in London, England.Ireland is represented in Colombia through its embassy in Mexico City, Mexico and an honorary consulate in Bogotá.Grace and Lamb established Legion praesidia throughout the country.

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The descendants of the Irish volunteers live in Colombia to this day.

In a different form of relationship, the Catholic lay movement Legion of Mary founded in Dublin, Ireland, by layman Frank Duff sent Seamus Grace and Alphie Lamb to Bogotá in 1953 to expand their mission in Colombia.

When offered laurels after the victory at Boyacá, Bolívar credited the victory at Boyacá to the English and Irish volunteers, declaring that "those soldier liberators are the men who deserve these laurels".

In the subsequent upheavals in Colombia in the 1820s, Irishmen such as Daniel Florence O'Leary, Arthur Sandes and John Johnston were among Bolívar's most faithful officers.

Between 1,000 and 2,000 Irish volunteers led by Irishmen such as William Aylmer, Francisco Burdett O'Connor and James Towers English assisted in the struggle.

The Irish leader James Rooke led his British Legions with Simon Bolivar's army in its epic march from Eastern Venezuela across the plains and up into the Andes, where the Irish troops played a key role in the Vargas Swamp Battle and the subsequent decisive Battle of Boyacá.

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