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Nothing could beat Kitty coming out in those ball gowns on "To Tell The Truth," which was a quite a contrast from the delightfully down-to-earth, funny Peggy Cass.And the of course every night with Arlene Francis and her diamond heart necklace on "What's My Line." Loved it when Arlene would take off her blinfold and always, but ever-so-slightly touch her false eyelashes to make sure they were still in place. They always got a credit at the end of What's My Line.Arlene did start the diamond heart necklace trend, even though she was probably the type of woman to drink beer directly from the bottle.A maid had placed the dumbbells on the sill to anchor a towel covering the window where an air conditioner had been removed.

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In her 1978 autobiography, Francis reported that she had been having the apartment cleaned while she appeared in a summer stock play in Westport, Connecticut.

BTW, Arlene and Kitty were very friendly with each other.

Peggy Cass replaced Polly Bergen on "To Tell The Truth." Bergen was witty, and more than a match for Carlisle and Cass. show, he had Arlene and Kitty as panelists on a segment called "Whats My Secret". You can tell Buddy Hackett knew what state she was in when he introduced her. Good for Henry Morgan for stopping Bennett Cerf, althought that kind of thing was never done on What's My Line. Cerf and Daly talked about that NH prep school for years on the show, so Morgan's comment mirrored many in the viewing audience who were sick of the constant plugs.

Are Betsy Palmer and Polly Bergen the only ones still alive from the panel game school era? Then the look Arlene and Buddy exchange is obvious. I love both ladies, but I think I slightly prefer Kitty. Kitty comes across as intelligent, Arlene not quite as much.

Also, Kitty came from a much more upperclass background.

Kitty was raised as a girl in New Orleans then her mother took her to Europe for her education and in hopes of marrying her off to some rich nobleman.