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His tone is crisp, clean and has a welcome coating of mellow smoothness on slow numbers. Ponomarev's glowing choruses on Time make this the jewel in the album's crown, although the entire CD is full of bristling, biting mainstream jazz.

Ponomarev's bristling originals have a jaunty martial kick . Derek Ansell, Jazz Times Ponomarev is now a solid hard bopper and he more that holds his own in the stalwart company of Henderson, Barron and the rhythm section. But it is surprising that he is not getting greater exposure and winning jazz polls, for there are few hard bop stylists on his level today.

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The Boston Phoenix Consider Valery Ponomarev, the Russian émigré trumpeter who immediately preceded Wynton Marsalis in the Jazz Messengers. [On Trip To Moscow] Ponomarev is writing relaxed lines with inviting twists that are straight out of the Blakey/Silver axis.

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Abandoning the land of giant steppes for the Harvard of hard bop should have made Ponomarev something of a celebrity . He is also blowing with a wide, cozy sound and ideas that . His inventive phrases and bright, melodic attack mark him out as an original trumpet stylist . he's the most biting trumpet player Art Blakey has had since Lee Morgan. Wilson, The New York Times But the most provocative soloist in the group is Valery Ponomarev, a Russian trumpeter who combines bristling attack with dazzling execution and a very neat, compact, controlled development of his solos. George Kanzler, The Newark Star-Ledger Ponomarev is a fine, bright-toned trumpeter of considerable ability whose misfortune was to be succeeded in Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers by the younger son of Ellis Marsalis. Maria Klemen, Aquarian Russia's contribution to the jazz world is an unassuming chap named Valery Ponomarev who blows trumpet like a man possessed and who can write with the best of them.

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Listening to Valery Ponomarev on a blindfold-test basis, you could not possibly distinguish him from one of the more inspired and authentic of America's great black trumpeters in the driving, hard-bop jazz genre that is his chosen idiom. Stuart Troup, Newsday Ponomarev is a force to be respected . Stephen Israel, The Times Herald Record On the ballad I Remember Clifford, Ponomarev adds both guts and a sense of grandeur to the classic melody, stretching out long languid lines, then spewing tongue-twisting notes and shaping them into graceful phrases. A symptom of this is that it has taken so long for his band, Universal Language, to make this, its recording debut [on 'Means Of Identification']. ["Means Of Identification" is] an exhilarating hard-bop outing. The first great jazz trumpeter to emerge from Soviet Union is an exciting hard bop player with a wide range and a powerful sound, Valery Ponomarev (who is currently playing at the peak of his powers) has led Universal Language and recorded regularly for Reservoir.

Chuck Berg, Lawrence Journal-World The star of the show is the amazing Ponomarev, With a gritty yet clean sound a neo-bop style, the trumpeter suggests the approach of his idol, the immortal Clifford Brown. his musicianship, long evident as a trumpeter, extends to composition and arranging as well. As a result, Valery's subsequent activities have attracted less attention than they might have deserved.

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