Calendrical dating definition

17-Jun-2016 11:40

At the end of this web page are links to other web pages which better explain the definitions of various time scales.

Many visits to this page are prompted by APIs used in computer languages that want to handle elapsed time.

Reckoning time by tides is sufficiently simple that rocks can do it.

Sedimentary rocks called tidal rhythmites contain records of earth paleorotation dating back three billion years.

The "equation of time" is best visualized in combination with the annual variation in the latitude of the sun in order to produce the analemma.

Apparent Solar Time has been used since prehistory.

It is reckoned at any location by observation of obvious phenomenon such as sunrise, sunset, or passage through the meridian (noon).

Terser than the many details here I point to the fundamental problem which confounds POSIX is the fundamental element of all calendars.

The rotation of the earth under the moon and sun produces tides.

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