Adam duritz dating

01-Jan-2015 12:57

I mention that to prove I’m not a Counting Crows hater — more of a Counting Crows self-loather, if anything — so I say this with a certain amount of begrudging respect and/or wonder: how the hell did Adam Duritz get some from so many gorgeous ladies? Yup, that’s Counting Crows lead singer Adam Duritz, he of the saddest dreads known to bird- and mankind, on the cover of tour that I went to my first Crows show, and then went on to see them six more time over the next five years.Adam Duritz who considers himself an old timer is relatively new to the world of social networking and exchanging conversations via the internet.Adam who has dated some of Hollywood’s finest ladies from Jennifer Aniston to Courtney Cox has just given an insight into how the musician views the concept of dating.

Having now batt6led his way out of such circumstances and finally reaching out to people on social networks .

He has also been known to let different magazine’s interview him which at one point in his life was simply out of question.

Adam has come a long way from being an extreme introvert to be one of the most interactive celebrities on Twitter.

Apart from interacting with fans and reading comments from them on the Counting Crows page on Twitter which by the way has over 1.35 Million followers.

Counting Crows the band gave hope of accidental love to every young teenager when the movie Shrek used the song Accidentally in love as the theme song for the movie.

Adam Duritz the person behind the formation of the band which is adored by fans worldwide and surprisingly has fans from all age groups from five year olds to veterans in their seventies.

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