Accommodating culturally diverse learners

25-Mar-2016 02:49

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Teachers can modify lessons to allow for this movement by having them work in a small group in the hallway or adding kinesthetic learning techniques.

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Even something as simple as sitting on a yoga ball instead of a chair can help sensory students or kinesthetic learners focus during lessons.Accounting for this physical need can make all lessons run more smoothly.Slightly older students can play reading catch by decoding ping pong balls printed with sight words or spelling words their partners toss to them.Later-grade learners can be given a variety of tasks that combine work with the lesson at hand, including combining science with gardening or math by installing small bricks or paving stones on the schoolyard.

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Other ways to offer students opportunities for literacy success include: Keeping in mind the difficulties of those struggling with literacy while creating lesson plans can help teachers establish support structures that allow and encourage them to succeed.

Students with attention deficit disorder or sensory integration disorder can benefit greatly from movement and physical action during lessons.

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